Business Owner

Nearly every business owner can benefit and/or profit from owning a KAT Walk Mini.

Arcades, Amusement Centers, Bowling Alleys, Theaters
Fast ROI, easy to use and maintain, and a small footprint makes the KWM the perfect addition to any entertainment- based business.  Works with all major VR systems.

Places of Employment, High-Tech, Offices, Club
Allow employees and guests to stretch their legs and walk into virtual reality, as the KWM fits easily in waiting rooms, break rooms, lobbies and just about any other 7 x 7 space.


Residential & Apartment Complexes, Student Centers, Community Centers
Revive your common area and enhance the sense of community with KAT Walk Mini stations.  Your residents and members will enjoy VR in an active, safe and enjoyable manner.

Schools, Training Centers, Education Facilities
From team building to VR-based on-the-job-training (OJT), the KWM can be deployed to enhance the level of realism, offer infinite motion, and provide a high level of safety and repeatability.

Complete Game Management & Business Analytics
KAT I/O Business Edition is the native VR platform dedicated to commercial customers.

With KAT I/O Business edition no information gets lost. Each piece of data is collected, stored on our servers, and available for your insight at any time. Database includes information about most commonly played games, such as How many times they were selected? What is the cumulative time they were played?

Based on collected information, KAT I/O Manager Center allows you to analyze the performance, and profitability of different games. To view the data, simply select the time range for data analysis and enjoy a full insight into your business statistics!

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