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Entertain guests, relieve employee stress, or maximize the return on existing space by converting foot traffic to cash. (pun intended!) Exclusive areas available for VR Arcades and the possibilities are infinite.

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Love gaming and or VR and just want to take it to the next level of immersion? Are you the type of person that just loves to have the latest cool tech? Either way, the Kat Walk Mini is an awesome addition to any PC gaming/VR setup.

Explore the KAT Walk Mini
The Kat Walk Mini provides a safe, and deeply immersive exploration of unlimited virtual worlds and solves many problems, including space limitation, safety hazards, and repeatability of the experience. Learn more about its specifications.

The Kat Walk in Action

Have a look at some of the latest game play videos using the Kat Walk Mini and the Kat Walk. You can see real users inside the latest VR games and how the unit works.