Arena Infinity™ – Striker VR

The New Arena Infinity™

We are very excited about this new VR peripheral. A programmable haptics VR weapon controller that make game play in first person shooters that much more realistic and exciting. The new peripheral  has an impressive list of features and capabilities. To learn more about it visit Striker VR  and check out all the amazing products they have.

Cutting-Edge Programmable Haptics
Intuitive Monitoring System
Sleek Innovative Design
25+ Players -w 300 ft Wireless Capability
Integrated Tracking*
Easily Programmable through Arena Live™
Enhanced Durability for Arena Use
High-Throughput Capabilities

Arena infinity™ Technical specifications

Fully Adjustable Haptics
Color Programmable RGB LED Halo for Game Play / Diagnostics
Micro USB Ports for Firmware Updates / Accessory Connection
Access to Arena Live™ Software Suite
2-Strap Restraining System

Dual Touchpads: 40mm w/ Push Button & Customizable Functionality
Trigger: Designed for Easy Pull & Consistent Use
L / R Secondary Buttons: Programmable for Secondary Functions
Base Button: Reloads or Programmable for Other Common Functions
ON / OFF (Hold) Momentary Power Button

Standard Picatinny Rail for Accessories / Alternative Tracking
Reinforced Rubber Muzzle & Rear Shoulder Stock
Rugged Polycarbonate Housing
Rear Loading Battery Compartment
Ergonomically Designed Grip Areas
Two-Tone Finish with Matte Coating for Additional Mark Resistance

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