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Explore the features and specifications of the Kat VR Katwalk Mini

Universally Compatible
The Kat Walk Mini is compatible with all major VR headsets and platforms, including Oculus, Vive, PlaystationVR, Steam VR, and Pimax.

Kat Walk Mini is compatible with all major VR headsets and platforms, including Oculus, Vive, PlaystationVR, Steam VR, and Pimax.
Easily Assembled and Portable

The Kat Walk Mini is very easy to assemble, disassemble, and move around. Complete instructions, links to instructional videos, and all necessary tools are included. Most folks are up in running in under an hour.

Kat VR Mini - unboxing and setup instructions

Fits in Most Spaces
The diameter of Mini is just over 4 feet (4.2ft), and the height can reach approximately 6 feet during use. This is the perfect size for VR Arcades and amusement centers, and it can easily fit into most rooms in houses — 6ft x 6ft, the minimum for some base stations, is all that is needed.

Full Range of Movements
You feel like you are walking in the game, which allows you to use your hands as hands and not teleporters or pointers. Go as fast or slow as you like: freely turn around, walk, run, sprint, strafe, walk backwards, crouch, and even get down to take cover or pick items up. It takes VR immersion to an entirely new level.

Smart & Safe “Adaptive Tension” Design
No more smashing controllers, walls and other objects, the smart design of the Mini is constantly reacting to every move you make, supporting and stabilizing you throughout the experience. The adaptive tension design accommodates a wide range of body types.

Built-In Sensors
No longer do you need special shoes, shoe covers, or rechargeable sensors, the Mini incorporates the latest sensor technology that simply tracks your feet. The Mini is far more accurate and a whole lot easier than alternatives.

Games Titles and Applications
The Mini is fully compatible with all VR games and applications that support Free Locomotion. Today, what we’re talking about here are some of the coolest FPS (first person shooter) games available, including Minecraft VR, Elder Scrolls’ V Skyrim VR, Fallout 4 VR, PayDay 2 VR, Doom VFR, Pavlov, Arizona Sunshine, Resident Evil 7, Bullet Sorrow VR, and more. Review the exhaustive list of compatible games.

In addition to entertainment and video games, the Kat Walk Mini can be used as a hardware platform for training simulations such as: VR safety drills, Firefighting, Tourism, education, medical training, sports, etc. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@buykatvr.com.

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