Infinity's End - KAT VR, Katwalk VR

Why Infinity's End?

We love it
From the start video gaming was something we loved. From the humble beginnings that spurred our love for enhanced reality, we were hooked.

The company was founded from the love of gaming and the emergence of Virtual Reality into the gaming world.  After playing thousands of titles and consuming hundreds of paid VR content offerings, we wanted to bring together the best of VR and make it available to the consumers like us.

First Person Shooters, Virtual Tours, Training and Education. We see the potential for Virtual Reality in today’s market and feel all too often that the wrong hardware is implemented which in turn leads to a bad experience.

We strive to partner with the best in the industry when it comes to hardware available for the consumers and businesses for all sorts of applications and uses.

Exclusive Partnerships
We are an exclusive partner of Kat VR and stock and sell the Kat Walk Mini the omnidirectional treadmill, which for us is a game changer for virtual reality applications. Available and in stock in the US, eliminating waiting months for shipping.

We are also working to partner and resell exclusive “best of industry” accessories and peripherals providers. We can provide the products to enhance your VR experience with products like the new Pimax 4, 5 & 8K wireless headset and for first person shooter gaming the Striker VR Affinity Area peripherals  and you can experience a one of the best environments in the industry.

Industry Knowledge 98%
Technology Partnerships 93%
Product Availability 95%