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Looking to buy the Katwalk Mini? If you love virtual reality (VR), you’re in the right place.  We are a full line distributor for KAT VR, a leading VR company based out of China, and the manufacturer of the Katwalk Mini.  The Mini is a revolutionary new VR controller (aka omni-directional treadmill) that allows you to use your legs to move through VR, full locomotion has come a long way in VR. We are very excited to enable you to buy the Katwalk Mini for sale online in the United States.

If you are a business owner or a VR gamer or technical gadget enthusiast, the Katwalk Mini is one of the coolest, fun to use accessories for VR gaming made. You can be physically active while playing VR games, there is a whole universe of VR fitness  in the market today prime for exploration. Learn more about the possibilities and we offer the ability to buy the Katwalk Mini online and offer financing options.